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With a little help from my friends .....

We've all heard that song before right? I'm not showing my age ... or am I?

Ok well, mmmmm, anyways . . .

Hiya! I wanted to do a quick blog post to share my fav go-to resources in the event you had an interest and wanted to do a deeper dive!

I think it is important that I share all the sources that I have used over the months to educate myself, and the references of which I post within my website. Gotta give credit where credit is due.

Although I'd like to think I am super smart, I am sooooo far from knowing it all. Gosh - I learn so much just creating the different Mala bead bracelets. There are so many incredible crystals and stones - I swear I have only touched the surface!

Let's get started -

The Subtle Body - this book is literally like an encyclopedia of your energetic anatomy. This deep dives into all things energy, chakras, reflexology, intentional healing, reiki, and more.


The Essentials Reiki - this book dives into the history of Reiki and provides the didactic content to those with an interest in learning more, pursuing, or have an interest in pursing the practitioner certification.


Medical Medium Liver Rescue - a thorough book that explains your livers multifaceted purpose, natural healing knowledge and truths with guidance and recipes to overhaul your HEALth.


Medical Medium Cleanse To Heal - this book provides cleansing and detox guidance to help find out true causes of almost 200 symptoms and conditions in the body.


The Chakras Activity Book & Journal - this was just a fun book. Creative activities to help open, clear, and enhance each of the seven main chakras.


The Crystal Bible - a thorough comprehensive guide to crystals, their shapes, colors, and applications. Deeply explain their properties: spiritual, mental, psychological, emotional and physical effects.


These are a great starting point if you are wanting to learn more. Or just reach out to me and I can give you more information.

Thanks for reading ... Happy New Year, and best of wishes for the coming days ahead!

Yours Truly ~ Candice

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