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Who you judgin' . . . ?

This word … the feeling attached to it … 😩.

I grew up with lots of criticism, high expectations and judgment from both self and others. I also often saw those around me judging those within arms reach … some people they knew … others they didn’t.

How can they afford that?”

She doesn’t need that cheeseburger!”

She thinks she is all that and a bag of chips …” (showing my age here 🙃)

Then ... the self-judgement …

I am not good enough

I am too thick

They won’t pick me


We are all guilty of judgment both of self and of others. I fully recognize where I need to fine tune my thoughts . . . the more you know, the better you do. The problem is that judgment is everywhere. Sometimes it is meant to be hurtful to unknowingly make ourselves feel better. Sometimes it is meant to he helpful and constructive.

B U T …

How do we know which is which?

Here are the steps I used and currently use to help shift the mind to being kinder and gentler to myself and others. The only harm is not trying!

1. Start by modifying the association you have with the word. How many definitions does it carry and how can you swap the terms to develop a positive mindset surrounding ‘judgment’? Judgment vs Feedback vs Constructive Criticism?

2. Make a list of all those things you are currently judging yourself and/or others for … usually there is a deeper ‘why’ and it could assist you in identifying areas you might want to do some personal development in.

3. Choose one area or idea from your list that resonates with you the most and start breaking it down to get to the root.

4. Work on that root until you are at peace.

5. Let it go ... And repeat

Many times we are projecting our own current state, views, perceptions and ideas onto others. Our subconscious sure is tricky ☺️.

Remember everyone is a mirror, a true gift and opportunity to take a closer look at ourselves and heal the past traumas we have buried overtime, within!

✨Sending all the healing vibes your way ✨

Many Blessings,


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