Candice and Keith

At Everyday Living, my mission is to provide you with the tools, concepts, and strategies I found to be helpful in making the mindset shift I needed to becoming a healthier version of myself.

About Everyday Living

If you have landed on my page ... thank you ... let me introduce myself 


My name is Candice! I am a small business owner, mom of three, wife, nurse, and pet-momma to four that keep us almost as busy as the kids. 


Now ... let's talk about how I landed here .... Being no stranger to years of trauma, abuse, and dysfunction growing up ... well, that led me right into repeating the generational patterns that I knew would leave me stuck and without true happiness (not to mention exposing my children). Ya know - you certainly don't realize this at first ... but when you know, you know! 


Can you relate? I am talking about the feeling of unworthiness around every corner I turned. The lack of self-worth, self-esteem, judgment, knowing my true purpose but yet still going through the motions of life, because as a mom, wife, and all the above, that's what I am supposed to do. Limiting beliefs and underlying commitments had me just going through each day checking items off my to-do list and not truly being present to what really brought me joy. 


Now, don't get me wrong, my family brings me joy. But this isn't about them. This is about me and who I am, want to be, and how to get there. 


Well because life was continuing to happen and I wasn't seeing any change. I dove deep into really finding where the root of all I was feeling resided. Then I worked. I worked hard to peel back layer after layer. And to be honest, I still have several layers left ... BUT ... I can breathe now, I can sleep, I feel at ease and at peace. I am a work in progress.


Then as it always does ... life happened. We plan, but life always has a larger plan. 


I recently lost my father, and this experience has been something new for me to navigate through. But I will say (because you have to find the positive) it opened me up to new opportunities that really have been within me this whole time. I just never saw it. I was too saturated in all the other beliefs and thoughts it just couldn't reveal itself until I did the work. As I have continued peeling back the layers of life's trials and tribulations, it has propelled me to dive deeper within, cracking open the centers that have been closed for so long. 


I am now here to help others do the same. Let me help you rediscover and reinvent yourself. It is never too late to truly live! Let's change those thoughts and move that stagnant energy so you can begin living and without dis-ease! 


I hope to serve you in whichever way you choose, whether through Mindset Coaching, Energy Healing, Digital Course/s, or even a Color Therapy Reading. If we are not a match, that is completely fine, but promise me that you will take the time for your own self-care! Over time, just like me, you will pull out what has always been withIN you! 


It would be my absolute pleasure to serve you in diving deeper; let's see what we stumble upon.


Many Blessings 


- Candice

"I could not have gone through all I have, just for me. Someone needs to learn my lessons without having to go through my pain!" - Candice West

All services rendered and products made, are with the utmost love, highest good and intention.