Over time, you will pull out what has always been within you!

A Mindset Shift - About Candice

At Everyday Living, my goal is to provide you with the tools and strategies I found to be helpful in making the mindset shift needed to becoming my authentic self. 

I could not have gone through all I have, just for me. Someone needs to learn my lessons without having to go through my pain! 

The services rendered and products made are with the utmost love, and of the highest good and intention. 


I hope to serve you in whichever way you choose, whether through Mindset Coaching or Energy Healing. Take the time for your own self-care and let's explore! Over time, just like me, you will pull out what has always been withIN you! 

Chakra Energy Alignment
Mala Beads


These amazing products are created at the time of order to promote intention and infusion of Reiki energy. Our interaction with customers is easy and convenient when customizing your products.

Chakra Energy Centers

Are your Chakras blocked?


There are seven major chakras AKA 'energy centers' in the body. These chakras are circular-shaped and direct life's energy for physical and spiritual being. They are capable of shifting your energy from a low vibrational level to a higher vibrational level. However, much like the vibrations can increase, they can also decrease. Ancient traditions believe blocked chakras have been known to manifest dis-ease within the body. Take this short test to see if there are chakras that could use some love and attention.